My Name Is Anastasiya Didok



My name is Anastasiya Didok. 2012 has been a year of challenges, transitions and breakthroughs. First, I have been given an opportunity for a new beginning in my faith. You can read about my journey before at  I got married. I got promoted at work. I let go of a lot of things that God has asked me to leave behind, and started taking baby steps towards using the gifts He has given me.

With all the changes to adapt to, one stood out in particular, and that is my name. For years when thinking of marriage, I eagerly looked forward to changing my name. Not my last name, but my first name. When I immigrated to the United States, it was transcribed with a “y” at the end. Since then, I have made every effort to eliminate the letter. It was unnecessary and it made my name not fit on licenses and credit cards, turning me into an “Anastasiy” instead of an “Anastasia.” To my horror, the social security office refused to make the change without a court order. The “y” is still in my name, but I have now decided to embrace it.

It brings flavor into the spelling. It symbolizes me coming to terms with who God created me to be instead of fighting against it to my own detriment. It also now fits on all the cards and licenses because my new lastname is shorter.

Welcome to the new life of Anastasiya Didok.