What to put on a baby registry!

by adidok

When I did a baby registry, I read a ton of newborn checklists and ended up clicking on lots things that I now know I would have never needed! Below is what would have been my ultimate condensed registry list if I got a re-do:

* Sleepers with zippers — about 5 in each size
* A couple hoodies/pants sets in each size
* A set of hats in 0-3 months, and 3-6 months
* A set of socks in each size
* Two sets of organic gloves
* 4 receiving blankets
* 4 Aden & Anais swaddlers
* 4 heavier blankets

* Johnson & Johnson baby wash
* Organic bristles brush
* Bathing tub or bubble

* Frontal thermometer
* Gripe water

* Pump
* Breast pads
* Lanolin
* Nursing bras
* Boppy pillow
* Boppy cover
* Bottles**
* Milk storage bags that attach to pump
* Bottle brush
* Pacifier
* A set of Aden & Anais bibs

Furniture and Bedding***
* Changing table
* Glider
* Crib sheet set (comes with sheet, decorative blanket, mobile, bed skirt, sleeper, and changing pad cover)
* Soft light lamp
* Extra crib sheet (organic)
* Crib mattress
* Crib mattress cover
* Laundry hamper
* Hangers
* Wall stencils

* Diapers
* Wipes
* Diaper bag

Baby Transporting and Seating
* Moby wrap or Ergo
* Papasan
* Car seat
* Stroller
* Lightweight stroller

* I am breastfeeding and pumping at work. For a different scenario needs may vary.
**I was duly warned. Don’t get bottles because you won’t know which ones baby takes. I still registered for them. I got what I registered for (Dr. Browns), a couple of sample Avents, and a set of Tommee Tippees (is that what they are called?) for my shower. Baby decided to like Medela bottles that came free with the pump. Lesson learned. The reason I put bottles on there is because I ended up needing an extra set for when I went back to work. I have seven 5oz bottles so far, and will probably soon buy a set of four 8oz with medium flow.
*** Baby has his own room, and sleeps in the crib, which we got to borrow from friends. All furniture and accessories are based on that. For a different scenario needs may vary.
**** We are cloth diapering, so I wouldn’t have any ideas about how many regular diapers to get in each size. And I’m going to do a separate post on cloth diapers.

As you can tell, there are a lot of things missing on this registry that you will typically see in checklists handed out to new moms. I am going to write a post on things I didn’t need and why in the near future!