Thankful for my in-laws

by adidok

So for Thanksgiving I was planning on writing a post about how thankful I am for each individual family member that I have. Instead we hosted a dinner party for 16. Therefore I am writing about this now. Please forgive my being off schedule with the thankfulness.

I grew up as an only child and suddenly God has placed me in a giant family through marriage. My husband is the oldest of 7. Talk about opposites attract… When I was little I prayed for a sibling. I prayed until I was 13 and realized I’d have to be more of a babysitter than a sibling at that point. Years later, God has blessed me with an opportunity to feel what it’s like to have the siblings I so longed for when I was younger. Each person in my family has made some impact on my life in the past year and a half, and I wanted to tell them in writing that I appreciate them. We’ll go from youngest to oldest in order.

My youngest sister-in-law:
You are a contradiction of characters all put together in one person. But your sweetness and sincerity can sweep anyone off their feet. I’m honored that you have chosen me as your confidant on several occasions for difficult conversations. I have great memories from the few times we hung out and had “sister dates.” I want you to know that I’m always super excited about major events in your life and will be there for you as much or as little as you need me.

My newest brother-in-law:
You are awesome and we are so glad that our little sister married you and not some idiot. You have a wonderful sense of humor and a good head on your shoulders. You’ve definitely added flavor to our already colorful bunch. I just hope that uno hasn’t ruined it all for everyone 🙂

My second youngest brother-in-law:
Your positivity and easygoing attitude are a rare find. You are hilarious and trustworthy. You have integrity and drive. I just KNOW that God is going to use you as an instrument for great things and influencing many many people. I am honored to be related to you and always happy to see you hanging out at our house when I come home.

My third youngest brother-in-law:
Man you’ve been MIA from our lives but it’s always good to see you on those rare occasions that you do show up. We miss you. You were the first one in the family to show me unconditional acceptance and I feel like I can relate to you more than anyone else even though I’ve gotten to know you less than anyone else. Please know that our house is always open for you. Ok, maybe not like at 6:00a.m. on a weekend… But otherwise.

My fourth youngest brother-in-law:
You are something else. You have that personality that collects people around you and organizes social activities. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have football nights and wouldn’t have bonded even more in the past few months! Also, your willingness to always lend your help is greatly appreciated. It feels good to have reliable family in case something goes wrong!

My older sister-in-law:
Before we took that trip to hot springs with our little ones I was afraid to open up to you, but wanted to. Our conversations have been such an inspiration, and such a blessing for me. I felt isolated in the first year of my marriage and after talking to you that time I started feeling more connected. Every time we talk I feel like I can open up more and more and I really appreciate that. I truly hope that together we can influence our family and get something going at our church. I appreciate you like you can’t even imagine!

My oldest brother-in-law:
You were the last one I noticed and the most fascinating to get to know. If I had to choose one word to describe you, it would be “depth.” Your attention to emotions of people around blows me away. I am proud of you for making some difficult decisions last year and for sticking with it. If you ever move, you will actually be someone I miss.

I am so blessed to have you as my mother in law. Your sacrifices and helpfulness are sweet, although admittedly often overboard. But it would be a foolish person that doesn’t notice the kindness of the heart that you take care of people with. I am blessed to have you watching my baby boy. I can trust that he is in good, loving, hands. I also would like to admit that you are a way better homemaker than I ever could be, and I am learning a lot from you when it comes to hanging things, folding things, and stacking things. I love you very much and feel extremely blessed to have you as my new mom.

It is so good when you take the time to sit with us in the livingroom. Lately you’ve been doing more of that, and it feels great. You are a great theologian and a wise, acute man. I feel honored that you approved of me marrying your oldest son and always appreciate your words of encouragement.

My parents and my husband:
Please don’t feel left out. I could probably write an entire blog about all the things I appreciate about you guys! You are more dear to me than anyone else in the world and deserve separate articles that I’m sure I will be inspired to write in the future!