A Working Mom’s Ideal Wardrobe

by adidok

Between writing my previous post and this one I came across Miss Minimalist blog and realized that I don’t qualify to bear the “Minimalist” title. She has only 10 items in her wardrobe! I won’t even try to get to that, although back when I was single I had moments when that was the case. Those were the days… But back to the topic. Below is a list of items I believe are a comfortable amount for a mom who works in a professional setting that requires a lot of walking around.

1. 2 pairs of jeans
2. 2 t-shirts
3. 3 long sleeve tops that can go under a suit or with jeans
4. 1 pant suit
5. 1 skirt that can be paired with the jacket from the pant suit
6. 2 dresses
7. 1 pair of flats
8. 1 pair of low heel boots
9. 1 purse
10. 1 hoodie or light sweater
11. sweats/pajamas to lounge around the house
12. a mid-waist wool coat (goes well with both jeans and office attire!)

Above is my ideal checklist of things to own. I’m going to pare down in the next days and see if I can get close to that. One thing I’ve found is that well-made maternity shirts actually are also a great fit for hiding belly flab when you aren’t pregnant. Therefore, most of my shirts are actually maternity wear. And although people told me that I will get SO tired of it that I won’t want to ever put it on again postpartum, that’s actually not the case at all, as my husband has graciously agreed to spend our previous year’s tax return entirely on maternity wear for me, and the clothes are some of the nicest I’ve ever owned! In my next post, I will compare what I have previously owned to my uncluttered wardrobe. I might even get some new hangers to celebrate!