A Year In Review: 2013

by adidok

Since I have been MIA pretty much since getting married, it would be fitting to say a few words about my 2012 before we head into reviewing 2013. In 2012 I made a few difficult decisions in order to get my life back on track, which immediately put me in the “fast lane” in terms of life changing events. It’s like God was waiting for me to put my stubbornness aside so He could propel me into what He had in store. So in 2012 I went from single to married in a matter of months, planned a wedding, got promoted, went on an impromptu honeymoon around Europe, moved twice, and eloped to Canada for a day for Christmas (also unplanned). We joked that we are trying to get pregnant in order to “do it all” before the end of the world. And what do you know, December brought a wonderful surprise. I didn’t think any other year could possibly beat that. But 2013 definitely did. Here is what happened to us in the past year in order:

We moved 3 more times
We took a “baby moon” to Arizona and Nevada and visited Phoenix, Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas
I got promoted again
My husband got promoted twice
We bought our first house
We had a baby
My grandmother passed away
My sister-in-law got married
I went back to work
We paid off three credit cards and all our medical bills, leaving us just one last credit card balance and a mere month away from being debt free except the mortgage!

Each event above deserves a separate post of course. I will get going on that as soon as I feel inspired! Needless to say, I am pretty excited for 2014, although I hope that the pace slows down just a tiny little bit. Although I love excitement and most events above were positive, the year has been pretty stressful, and I am hoping to get some rest in 2014.