How uncluttering my closet went.

by adidok

Inspired by Miss Minimalist, as well as my own post on the ideal amount of things a working mom should have in her wardrobe, I have ruthlessly uncluttered my already not that large wardrobe. (Ok, so I uncluttered everything to the basement, which I know doesn’t really count, but I have found in the past that things that I put in my giant “box of stuff I don’t want” don’t tend to return upstairs, and transition to Goodwill quite well after a few months.) Below is what I have left, and I am pretty happy with it!

1. 3 pairs of jeans. (One is a maternity pair. I could probably do with just one regular pair, but my husband really loves both on me, so I’m keeping one for home and one for going out).
2. 3 t-shirts. They are my three favorites!
3. 2 medium length sleeve shirts
4. 1 long sleeve shirt
5. 4 dresses
6. 2 blazers
7. 2 pairs of black slacks (1 maternity pair)
8. 1 pair of brown slacks
9. 2 skirts (1 I wear, the other one I made and wear very rarely but can’t get myself to part with since it’s the only thing I’ve ever sewn in my life!)
10.1 blouse
11.2 tank tops
12.3 white camis
13.1 black cami
14.A pair of sweats
15.A “jackhammer” shirt I lounge around the house in
16.A hoodie

Of those 30 items, 15 are maternity, and 6 of the maternity items are not currently residing in my closet but are either borrowed or stored in the basement.

As a result of the purge, I got rid of ten items, consisting of:
1. A turtleneck that was too short
2. A dress with a zipper that was semi-broken
3. One white cami
4. A black tank top
5. Two pairs of jeans
6. A hoodie
7. 2 t-shirts that I don’t love
8. A long-sleeve shirt in a color that doesn’t flatter my skin tone

I’ve always been good at keeping the contents of my closet down to a minimum and have reaped the benefits all throughout my life. In my next post, I will outline the benefits of keeping your wardrobe small.