Benefits of a Small Wardrobe

by adidok

As promised in my post about uncluttering my closet following my list of ideal wardrobe items for a working mom, here are the benefits of having a small wardrobe:

1. ALWAYS having something to wear
This may seem counter-intuitive, but more items in a wardrobe does not necessarily mean an easier time picking out what to wear. That is not the case for a carefully constructed minimalist wardrobe — the one where each item is loved and fits well. Because of limited choices, the decision-making process becomes easier with fewer items. Instead of scratching your head about which top looks better with which bottom, you just grab whatever item is CLEAN. Ideally, every top should match every bottom. Since uncluttering my wardrobe, I had very few “nothing to wear” moments. Getting ready in the morning has been a breeze.

2. Faster access to clothes
Since you will not have a stuffed closet, you will not have to squeeze through hangers to get to whatever you are trying to wear, wasting time scavenging through hundreds of items, looking for that one that you think you may still own but you aren’t sure because the last time you saw it was a couple of years ago.

3. Better maintained clothes
A closet that’s not stuffed also better agrees with maintaining clothes exactly in the state you put them into the closet in. It’s such a waste to iron shirts and dresses only to pull them out all wrinkled because they were squeezed into the nonexistent space!

4. Less home repairs
This one comes from a property management perspective. A stuffed closet is actually the number one reason for a service request of closet doors being off track!

5. Better health
Along the lines of the reason above, I am going to guess that if you live in an apartment, your water heater is in the closet. If that thing leaks, you probably will not notice if your closet is stuffed, unless management has an alarm installed by the water heater that detects leaks. Even then, sometimes it drips at such a slow pace that the carpet nearby will absorb the water, which, in turn, will form mold. And mold is hazardous to your health. Therefore a stuffed closet is hazardous to your health.

6. Easier to pack
I’ve pulled a couple “the plane leaves in 3 hours, you have 5 minutes to grab what you need and get on the taxi to the airport!” in my life. Which makes for unforgettable experiences! If my closet was stuffed, I would have never ever been able to pack so fast and leave with what I actually need for the trip rather than a set of random items that may or may not be useful at my destination. Emptier closet gives you flexibility to live life to the fullest and catch that last-minute plane.

7. Easier to move
We’ve moved 5 times in the past year and a half. We did not take any time off to move and I was pregnant for 3 out of those 5 times. I cannot fathom scavenging through boxes and boxes of clothes to get to what I needed for work at that time! Or packing and unpacking that much stuff.

8. Saves you money
Speaking of moving. It costs a lot to move if you hire a company. The less stuff you own, the less you will pay for moving. Also the less stuff you own, the more money you have saved from not buying it.

9. Saves you time
If you were in fact to hire a moving company, they normally would require an inventory of what you own for insurance purposes. As in a spreadsheet of each and every item you own. Good luck listing all of those clothing items you haven’t worn since high school!

10. Gives you a mental break
Clutter doesn’t feel good. I smile every time I look at my tiny organized closet side. It gives out a relaxing vibe. Especially since my husband has more clothes than I on his side, which means I own less stuff than a guy. That just makes me feel cool.