The battle with clutter: why clutter won

by adidok

As you know from my previous post, my last decluttering session went horribly wrong because I did not plan well. All I knew is that I wanted clutter gone. I did not prepare for actually getting rid of it. Here is a list of reasons why clutter won:

1. I didn’t figure out what I’m going to do with the things I don’t want anymore.
I should have thought ahead of time about whether I was planning on selling things, keeping them in the basement until the yard sale I aspire to hold in the summer, donating, or throwing them out.

2. I didn’t have proper containers to hold the clutter.
When we were moving, it was easy to get rid of things because we had boxes. While packing what we would keep, I also packed what we would take to Goodwill. This time around I didn’t have boxes. Or containers. Or grocery bags. Or anything at all to put things in. That’s how it all ended up on the dining table.

3. I didn’t plan enough time.
The amount of clutter was an eye-opener. It was simply impossible to tackle in one day! I kept putting off dealing with corners until I had a big chunk of time to deal with everything at once. When that time came, it became clear that it’s not chunky enough. Perhaps dealing with one corner at a time is a better idea.

4. I didn’t pace myself.
To be honest, before I ran out of time, I ran out of steam. The pile that formed on the table was so overwhelming that I didn’t have the energy to decide what to do with it, much less to actually do it.

Next time I plan to be better prepared! Stay tuned for how well I get ready for another decluttering session.