Why A Real Book Still Beats The Kindle and Other Readers

by adidok

We’ve all heard about the romantic notion of picking up a book and the feeling that flipping through the real pages gives to a hardcore reader. It’s so romantic to curl up by the fire with a volume on a rainy or snowy day. Or to find yourself in a coffee shop, sipping on the java, with a novel in front of you. Or to lay on the beach, the warmth of the sun tickling your skin, sunglasses on, lost in the most recent tome.

My reason for the real book beating all the Kindle is way less sentimental than that. Although I’ve also harbored the romantic ideas of myself reading in the scenarios above, the reality is a bit different. I don’t think I’ve ever curled up by the fire with a volume. I’d be too lazy to start a fire on my own, and if there’s someone else who started it, chances are I’d rather talk to them than read. I also have no patience for reading in a coffee shop. I don’t think I’d ever actually push myself out of the house to go to a coffee shop just to read! Chances are I’m meeting up with someone at that coffee shop, which leaves no place for a book. And the beach scene… I’ve brought books along. I get too hot, the hair gets in my eyes, the wind blows the pages all over, and the sand that flies on the pages gives me this icky feeling like when you scratch your nails on a chalkboard. Brrrrr!!! So why do I still think the real book beats The Kindle?

My reason for the real book beating all the Readers is practical. The only place I read is in the bathtub. And if I haven’t dropped a novel in the water, I have at least made the edges wet by being too lazy to use a towel every time before turning the page. I don’t take my cell phone in the tub with me, so why would I take an electronic anything else (such as a Reader?) This is the same reason why I don’t like hardcovers and fat volumes. They are too heavy to hold in the tub.

This is why a real book still beats The Kindle.