Corners to Declutter

by adidok

I’m going to make a checklist of corners/spaces I want to declutter, which will hopefully help me get it done, one corner at a time. I’ve found that thinking about doing it all at once has been overwhelming. Maybe this checklist will help someone with ideas of places they also want to declutter.

1. Side of the couch

2. Bin under the TV

3. On the top of the computer desk

4. Inside computer desk drawer

5. Desk shelves

6. The little clutter holder by the door

7. Book shelf

8. Top of the pack-and-play

9. Bottom of the pack-and-play

10. Built in china cabinet — inside

11. Built in china cabinet — outside

12. Under the built-in china

13. Corner of the countertop

14. Drawer with the Tupperware

15. Drawer with the coffee

16. Under the sink

17. Drinks drawer

18. Utensil drawer

19. Spices drawer

20. Flour/Sugar drawer

21. Cleaning supply drawer

22. Tea drawer

23. Pasta drawer

24. Canned food drawer

25. Pots and Pans

26. Bakeware

27. Baby’s closet

28. Baby’s shelf

29. Baby’s changing table

30. Shelf under baby’s crib

31. Balloons in baby’s room

32. Drawers in the vanity

33. Under the vanity

34. Bedroom closet top shelf

35. Bedroom closet hanging rack

36. Paintings in the basement

37. Books

38. Baby’s toys basket

39. Baby’s accessory basket

40. Baby’s medical items basket


Ok, I think that about covers all of the corners that have been accumulating stuff! We also had things in the medicine cabinet, in our bedside tables, and in our dishes drawer, but I’ve already gone through those  and gotten rid of stuff. Although everything ended up simply migrating into the pack and play after this decluttering disaster. Stay tuned for how each corner works out! I might get inspired enough to post some pics!