52 Books series. Week 10. “Eat, Pray, Love.” Elizabeth Gilbert

by adidok

This book is also not mine, so I will be soon mailing it back to my friend, who kindly let me borrow it about… 5 years ago or so?

To be honest I was disappointed after finishing this book because it turned out to be so much less than what it was hyped up to be. All the buzz around it made the book sound very promising, but I ended up only liking one part of it. The Eat.

The book is about a woman who discovers that her husband is cheating on her by someone submitting a book about it for review to her (she is a book reviewer). After a nasty divorce, she pretty much starts over with nothing. I feel like lately getting divorced and starting from nothing has been over romanticized. I didn’t particularly enjoy the part where she is basically taken for a fool. Probably because I’m afraid of that happening to me deep down inside. What woman isn’t? Dealing with the truth is easy. It’s realizing that something that you thought was the truth was a web of lies that is so heartbreaking.

The part of the book that I did like was her taking the time to eat in Italy. I love food. I coined a saying “love cannot replace food,” and I will always stand by it. When I read the book I was somewhat surprised that it was that part that I liked the most. But the other two parts were disappointing. They were sort of similar to each other and I didn’t feel like there was a point to them. In addition, there is more disappointment that she faces in those parts. Basically I didn’t relate or wasn’t in the right mood.

It’s 10pm here in Seattle right now and I’m barely getting this post in on still my Thursday. It’s been a long day, but I still managed to get this post in, no matter how brief and not upbeat it may be. Feeling accomplished 🙂