Finding Motivation

by adidok

This morning Dave Ramsey posted “Figure out what motivates you” on Facebook. I’ve never considered what motivates me, but after thinking for a few minutes, jotting things down, and consulting with my husband, I’ve figured out quite a list for myself:

1. Taking a walk or going for a run outside
2. Interaction with energetic, successful people who encourage and believe in me
3. The energy of a big city (like NYC)
4. Getting rid of clutter both in thought and in my physical surroundings
5. Being able and knowledgeable about how to help people
6. The smell of freshly brewed coffee
7. Feeling well-rested
8. Accomplishing goals and knocking out to-do lists
9. Bright colors
10. Feeling pretty
11. Having an outlet for speaking my mind/expressing my thoughts openly and without fear or reservation
12. Being able to dance to good music


What motivates you?