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Month: August, 2014

52 Book Series. Week 12. “The Power of a Praying Wife.” Stormie Omartian.

I got to this book way faster than I expected in this post. Hubbs, out of nowhere, told me that he would like me to continue reading this book despite my self-inflicted reading ban this year. As a result, it’s three months later, and I’m just about done with it!

The book is basically a collection of short chapters outlining different areas of a husbands’ life that a wife can be praying for. It ends with a written out prayer. I have been reading through a chapter a day and saying the prayers at the end out loud.

What surprised me most about this book is how many of the chapters were applicable to me. For instance, in the one about “His Talk,” Stormie Omartian writes out the importance of clean speech and encouraging, inspiring words in day-to-day interactions. I was convicted while reading this chapter, because to be completely honest, encouragement does not come naturally to me, and I am more prone to criticism and sarcasm. I am also not immune to an occasional hearty swear. I felt God speaking to me through “The Power of a Praying Wife” to pay more attention to what comes out of my mouth.

The best part is to see how my praying is affecting my husband.  Seeing his face light up when I say “I prayed for this particular thing for you today,” is priceless. The plan right now is to incorporate this book into my annual reading. I will probably also get “The Power of a Praying Parent.”


I haven’t written since April (oh my!), which doesn’t surprise me, because I rarely stick to writing on a regular basis. However, this time around there’s a reason. I switched jobs. I stayed in the same industry, but was offered a promotion at another company and have made the decision to move. Although I love my new job and the challenges that my new role brings, it’s been eating up every single bit of my mental capacity, resulting in me coming home absolutely exhausted and unable to possibly think another thought! It’s been three months now though, and time to get back to writing. I’ve fallen behind on 52 book series, and have also (with my husbands’ approval) fallen a bit off the wagon with not reading, which was my New Year’s resolution for the year. Although I don’t believe I can make up for lost time, going forward I am hoping to continue writing about books! Fingers crossed that it happens!