I am first a daughter of Christ, then a wife to my husband, then a mother to my baby boy. Then I am a worhipper and writer. My husband and I have a heart for the city of Seattle and Everett. My heart is specifically drawn to orphans and the unborn. My husband’s to the homeless and the enslaved. We have been married since August 2013, and feel like God put us on a fast track to prepare and propell us into some specific ministry we have yet to find out about. He has put us in numerous situations that made us quickly learn a bunch of things about our own characters, each other, and life in general. Situations that couples do typically go through, but normally on a more spread-out timeline. In our first year of marriage we’ve done some extensive travel through eight countries, purchased a home, had a kid, and took on new roles at work. We are excited to find out what else is in store, as we learn more and more about each other and about God’s love. I am called to share snippetts of this journey with my readers.