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Minimalist Woman

My inspiration to write often comes in response to other blog posts. Usually it’s the ones that I don’t exactly agree with. This is another one of those. Basically the post I read was titled “Minimalist Woman” and was written by a woman who has realized that she didn’t wear about 70% of her clothes and downsized her wardrobe. Twice. To a mere 116 items. I just about peed my pants laughing. Because 116 items is by far not a minimalist wardrobe!

The reason I was even looking that up is because I read something on the zen blog (which I love) about a challenge to downsize to a mere 100 total personal belongings. Then it linked to a similar post, attempting to downsize to 50. However, I noticed that most minimalist posts were written by men, so I wondered if there are any women out there who did a similar challenge, because for some reason it seems to me that men need less personal items than women. So I googled minimalist woman and came across the article above. Which made me realize that posts about TRUE minimalist women are going to be a bit of a challenge to find. I guess we like to have a lot of pretty things.

So I set out to count my own wardrobe. At this point in life I actually do not consider myself a minimalist at all, and feel like my wardrobe has a wide variety of items in it! Turns out that my “lavish variety” consists of 40 items of clothing, including maternity wear! The 40 also includes items that I don’t think are a necessity. For example, I own 4 white tanks, but could easily go with 2. I also somehow ended up with 5 pairs of jeans, which was unheard of for me until I got married (I always got away with 1 pair of boot cut and 1 pair skinny! You could totally get away with just skinny jeans, if you even need to own a pair at all!). In addition, lately I’ve counted an abundance of casual t-shirts. I could probably give away one or two and be o.k., but it’s nice to have choices (although I still repeatedly only reach for two of my favorites). I also counted my shoes: I own a whopping 8 pairs. Including my “sentimental” wedding shoes. “You must be into purses.” Nope. I have one purse that my husband has purchased for me in Milan on our honeymoon. It’s my special occasions purse. For everyday I use my Medela pump bag, because if I ever spill anything in it, it’s an easy clean-up. And with a baby, things spill! (Fine, I admit. I spilled things without the baby all the time too!) “It’s accessories then.” I own one necklace that my late grandmother gave me for graduation, and my wedding ring. I also have a bracelet from my parents that they gave me for my 21st birthday to match my cool vintage watch that I purchased at an antique store for $3, but I don’t wear them because the battery died in the watch. I should probably write about my watch. It’s pretty cool…

I am now inspired to declutter my home once again, and also to write about the different areas of life that can be minimilized! Because possessions and belongings are not what makes us happy in life. And order makes it easier to relax and thrive. Stay tuned for my list of the not-so minimalist wardrobe for a working mom! Other lists will probably follow as well.


Facebook Fast

I haven’t written in a while because in my mind I have created an insurmountable barrier of wanting to catch everyone up on a year worth of events before I continue. But as time passes by, it becomes a bigger and bigger barrier, so I’m just going to start from right now, and hopefully continue!

Since giving birth to our son, I have been drifting in and out of hopelessness and depression while staying at home and healing postpartum. My husband complained that I am always in my own world, spacing out and losing myself in thought. I felt guilty that I am not spending every awake moment talking and playing with my baby boy. And I was forever glued to my I-phone, checking on the updates of the world that understood what I was going through — the endless cloth diapering and new mama blog pages on Facebook.

Last week the Lord called me to take a Facebook fast, and an amazing thing happened. I felt more present. I WAS more present. And my depression lifted for almost the entire time. I was planning on making it a week, but my husband kindly requested that I extend it for another six days after I was done. “I want you to be happy for my birthday,” he said. Here is what happened during the fast:

* I read a book and shared the story with my husband. Now, instead of contemplating about the different varieties of cloth diapers in the privacy of my mind (oh yes, there are many!), I could discuss my thoughts with him, and hold an intelligent conversation. (Really, you couldn’t blame the man for not wanting to listen for the thousandth time about things that catch poop!)

* I realized that it’s probably not my calling to write a parenting/mommy blog and spend time promoting it on Facebook. For some reason that realization actually inspired me to write! Stress free and no strings attached, simply for the sheer pleasure of writing that I seem to have forgotten about.

*I got a lot more done around the house. It’s amazing how much time I spent browsing updates that were coming way too slow to keep me entertained.

After a week and a half of the Facebook fast I feel a lot more connected and centered. Today I finally went back on, and spend a day cleaning up my page, and un-liking hundreds of pages that wasted my valuable time. For now I feel that I should limit my time for checking things to once a day for the next few months. Who would’ve thought that Facebook is such a large contributor to feeling blue?